Image: Jonathan Mane-Wheoki 2016 by Shannon Novak. 1682 x 2378 mm. Vinyl on aluminium

Victoria University Press has produced an extremely handsome Gedenkschrift, or memorial tribute, to Jonathan Mane-Wheoki, a much loved and respected academic and curator of broad and varied interests, who made an immense contribution to New Zealand art history.

Colonial Gothic to Māori Renaissance is a remarkable eulogy from friends, colleagues, and former students. Its contents are as varied and fascinating as the man himself: Victorian church architecture and liturgy; mysticism; the New Zealand International Exhibition of 1906; the Toi Te Papa exhibition of 2006; traditional and contemporary Māori art; and individual artists such as Thomas Benjamin Kennington, Gottfried Lindauer, Colin McCahon, Tony Fomison, Philip Clairmont and Emily Karaka.

Lavishly illustrated and erudite, yet eminently readable and free of jargon, this volume is a potent and lasting testament to the inspiration of a remarkable activist and art scholar – Scoop News, 31 July 2017.

Available online from Victoria University Press or you can purchase a copy at Te Papa Store.  Show your membership card to qualify for a Friends’ discount.