Art Appreciation Course

Art Appreciation Course

At her well attended lecture to Friends on Sunday 6 April, Hilary Kay mentioned her new Art Appreciation Course – soon to be launched in New Zealand – Diploma Course, study online, at home, in your own time, written by leading experts.

As there were not enough fliers for those interested, we are happy to include the details here for you to follow up.

Hilary brought together 12 passionate art specialists to create an introductory course, designed to provide students with a broad understanding of western art,  its history and the world that surrounds it.  The knowledge and enthusiasm of the authors will ensure the course to be fulfilling and enjoyable.  This course can be the first steps towards a new career or an exciting hobby.

Course content:

Introduction to the History of Western Art  By Prof. Stephen Farthing
The Renaissance  By Andrew Graham-Dixon
The Seventeenth Century  By Dr Sheila McTighe
The Eighteenth Century  By Dr John Bonehill
The Nineteenth Century  By Dr Carol Jacobi
The Impressionists and Beyond  By Christopher Riopelle
Art Nouveau and Art Deco  By Dr Paul Atterbury
Cubism, Surrealism and Abstraction  By Prof David Cottington
Modern Art to 1979  By Susie Hodge
Contemporary Art from 1980  By Anna Moszynska
The Art Market  By Jeremy Eckstein
British Art  By Patrick Bade

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Feature image: Detail from: Mr and Mrs Andrews, Thomas Gainsborough, 1749