Behind the scenes at the museum

Behind the scenes at the museum

Everyone is still buzzing about the huge success the recent Capital 150 Open House celebrations were for Te Papa.

Opening up back-of-house areas requires a massive team effort and months of planning went into this project. The resulting success was a huge testament to Te Papa’s team of dedicated staff and also to our Friends of Te Papa who volunteered to help on the day.

A grand total of 2,324 people walked through Tory Street, while the limited 432 spots for back-of-house tours at Cable Street booked up more than a week before the event. One of the overwhelming responses from the public was how privileged they felt, not only to be able to get such a close-up encounter with so many of the incredible objects and specimens in our collection, but also to be able to share in the passion and expert knowledge of our team of curators, collection managers and others who talked themselves hoarse sharing stories and information with visitors throughout the day.

Thank you to all who volunteered to help at Te Papa’s Open House: Hilary Bartle, Pamela Blake, Moi Moi Edgar, Liz Fisk, Barbara Fowler, Philippa Hart-Smith, Ann Hodson, David Hunt, Elizabeth Kay, Kathleen Moffitt, Vivienne Morrell, Rose Rutherford, Lesleigh Salinger, Glen Singleton, Nicola Varuhas, Paula Warren and Anna Williams.

For more from a volunteer’s perspective, read Vivienne Morrell’s blog Inside the Te Papa Storeroom