Wellington has a HALO !

Wellington has a HALO !

To celebrate 40 years of enhancing Wellington through public art, the Wellington Sculpture Trust has gifted a virtual monument to the city.

The work HALO by Gill Gatfield, is a giant marble circle that has been cut, carved, edged, polished and manifested in augmented reality and now sits over Wellington’s harbour.

Created in the Metaverse, HALO is available to all Wellingtonians via their mobile phone.

On your next visit to Te Papa, view HALO from the terrace of Bush City via the café on the ground floor, alternatively you can access the location from the first floor through the Nature Section and over the yellow bridge out to the terrace.

HALO can also be viewed from two sites at the harbour’s edge via your mobile phone.

The first site is on the harbour side of Te Papa, and the second is located in front of The Star Boating Club boatshed, near to the bridge, just over the entrance to the lagoon.

You’ll find signage at each of the locations to take you to the app, all you need to do is scan the QR code.

To view HALO:

  1. Scan the QR code at each site to get the free GatfieldXR App on your mobile phone
  2. Once on the App, tap “Enter XR Exhibition”
  3. Follow the App instructions
  4. Using your phone camera, scan above the harbour to see the majesty of HALO

It’s best to upload the App at one of the sites and the App will guide you to the best location for viewing Halo.

HALO will be visible from these sites all through the summer months until March 2024: