Update on our Tour to Golden Bay

Update on our Tour to Golden Bay

Did you know that dinosaur footprints have been found in New Zealand?  Yes, inspecting the footprints of land-based dinosaurs will be a highlight of our visit! The prints are probably those of sauropods, which were large herbivorous dinosaurs.

We are continuing to develop the details of our tour to Golden Bay at the beginning of May. And a major piece of good news:  we are close to finalising costs and now believe the charge to members will be significantly less than our first estimate.  We are anticipating a final cost which will represent outstanding value for five-and-a-half days of exploration in one of New Zealand’s loveliest regions. Please register your interest with the Office if you have not already done so, and we look forward very much to getting out together to explore our fabulous country.

Some of our Members have been apprehensive about undertaking the helicopter flight which for many will be a highlight of the tour;  don’t worry, you can still come and we will arrange an alternative activity. We will publish our itinerary once confirmed in our Events programme.

Feature image: Detail from: Small Ammonite fossils in dark Limestone, maker unknown. Gift of the Mantell Family, 1930. CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. Te Papa (GH022861)