Unpacking the Picasso

Unpacking the Picasso

At last our purchase has arrived. It was so exciting to see the crate opened, and to see, nestled in the carefully constructed packing, this beautiful jug. Looking more stunning than the images portrayed, it was wonderful to view it ‘in the whole’ and appreciate the fine detail and exquisite shape. Justine Olsen, Curator Decorative Arts & Design was delighted to show it off to me.

You will remember the Friends held an event in early May at the Australian High Commission to raise funds for our gift. It was purchased for $9,500 at a Sotheby’s auction in London in March this year and since then was in storage until it could join another consignment from England to Te Papa. It was worth the wait.

“Drawing on Picasso’s love of the Spanish bullfight, Picador depicts on one side the bull about to be lanced, and on the other the Picador or horseman,” Justine says. You will find more information on Picador here.

The Friends are delighted to gift the jug to the national collection.

“Over the years we raise funds to support a range of acquisitions. Some have been commissioned works, such as a specially-designed lectern for Te Papa’s marae. Others are significant international works like Picador.”

The jug will be displayed at Te Papa as part of an exhibition in 2016 which looks at how artists are informed by the works of the past.

Feature Image: Justine Olsen, Curator Decorative Arts & Design holding Picador. Photo Michael Hall