Meeting Max Gimblett

Meeting Max Gimblett

The Friends of Te Papa had a great visit to Page Blackie Gallery recently to hear the celebrated New Zealand artist Max Gimblett talk about his latest exhibition 50 Years of Drawing.

Max has lived in New York since 1972 but still claims New Zealand as his home and as the place where his art is most appreciated. He took us on a journey through his life and art and talked about the spiritual beliefs and influences that inform his work. As always Max was a relaxed and entertaining speaker with Friends asking questions and enjoying a lively discussion.

The works which are all for sale have been selected from the many hundreds of drawings he has produced over the last 50 years. From early pencil sketches of family members and abstract expressionist drawings on newspaper, to strong brush strokes of calligraphy and multi-coloured quatrefoils embellished with gold leaf on precious handmade papers, these drawings provide an intriguing insight into the life and work of a remarkable man.

The exhibition is on view at Page Blackie Gallery, 42 Victoria Street, Wellington until 12 August 2016.

Feature image: Max Gimblett and Friends of Te Papa during a floortalk at Page Blackie Gallery, 2016. Photo courtesy of James Blackie