Travel With Te Papa Experts

Travel With Te Papa Experts

Hamish Campbell’s Chatham Islands excursions

28 August to 2 September or 4 September to 9 September

For the 12th year running Hamish Campbell will lead tours to the Chatham Islands, and this year there will be two tours.
Touring with Hamish is a rare opportunity to visit the Chatham Islands in a safe and convivial social context. The plan is to visit Chatham and Pitt Island, sea and air conditions permitting. Think of it this way: it involves four full one-day field trips in a row, exploring all corners of the Chathams by bus and by foot. There is a level of fitness required: you must be able to traverse a wire fence in less than 20 seconds.
Limited to 22 paying guests.

Led by Hamish Campbell and Chris Adams (scientist and notable mezzotint artist).

Only $3,100 per person (all inclusive from Wellington except alcohol).

Please contact Hamish Campbell
(04) 570 4649 email [email protected]

or at Te Papa on Wednesdays only
(04) 381 7072 or [email protected]


Valerie Carson’s Colours of India

October / November


Valerie is planning another trip to India.  Depending on demand and preference, the trip will depart either October or November.

The Colours of India tour is a three-week small personalised group trip through Rajasthan and Gujarat. Staying in palace hotels and soaking up the architecture, landscape, people and above all, the creation of fabulous vibrant textiles.

Valerie says: “The overwhelming thing about India is the colour. The sheer vibrancy hits you in the eye before you even make contact with the people. And I love the humility, the hospitality and the thoughtfulness of the Indian people.”

For further information contact:

Valerie Carson; (04) 562 7933 or email [email protected]
Wanda Peck; (04) 566 8172 or email [email protected]

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