Tēnā koe,

I hope you have had an enjoyable Easter break, and are coping well in your bubbles.

These are indeed very strange times. When in November 2018 we marked the centenary of the influenza pandemic that ravaged the world after the First World War, who would have thought that in 2020 we would be facing another deadly pandemic, with millions unable to work and required to stay home. Between October and November 1918, the influenza pandemic killed 9000 New Zealanders. We are fortunate that this time our leaders took decisive and early action. Our lives have been disrupted, but so far, we have avoided the terrible toll that Covid-19 has taken on other countries.

And we are also fortunate that in 2020 the miracle of the internet means we can quickly keep up with the news, talk face to face with family and friends, or explore an extensive wealth of entertainment. I hope you have enjoyed following the links in the Friends e-newsletters to read articles by Te Papa’s curators, explored the collections of our national museum, or gone on a virtual tour of one of the 500 international museums online .

We were very sad to miss so many exciting events coming up in our programme, particularly those involving overseas speakers. While the Office and Te Papa remain closed, our staff have been busy reprogramming as many as possible for later this year, or early 2021.

The Office has also been very busy handling the membership renewals. On behalf of the Committee, Demi and Aloema, a very big thank you to all our members who have renewed their subscriptions. Your loyalty and support in these uncertain times is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to welcoming you to a Friends’ event when normal life resumes.

Stay safe and well in your bubble,

Kia kaha,

Elizabeth Kay


Image by Jo Moore Photography