Friends were once again privileged to have a private viewing of a dealer gallery exhibition in the company of the artist. A few weeks back, it had been Dick Frizzell at Page Blackie on the occasion of his retrospective exhibition. This time it was Karl Maughan who ensured the Friends had a special personalised visit.

Relaxed from the outset, Karl was an entertaining speaker who readily welcomed questions from the Friends. He introduced his new work, talked about how his paintings have evolved over the years and gave some insights into his style and the medium used. When two Friends told of their experiences of buying Karl Maughan works, he was very interested in their individual stories and even asked to see a photo of what had been purchased!

Karl’s paintings, with his distinctive style and his ability to capture colour and light and form, were a delight. He continues to be enthralled by plants and gardens, but continually refreshes the themes. The 9-metre painting Hydrangeas, Botanic Gardens, previously displayed at The Dowse Art Museum, was a feature of the exhibition and looked amazing in the light-filled gallery.