Currently showing at Solander Gallery are two artists – Danielle Creenaune and Donna-Marie Patterson. Friends had a very enjoyable visit, with Danielle giving a demonstration of a print making technique called mokulito and Donna-Marie talking about her exhibition works.

Mokulito is similar to lithography but instead of drawing on and printing from a stone, the medium is wood. This makes the result more unpredictable as the wood grain and resins react with the drawing and printing inks; but Danielle said this was why she liked using the technique. Danielle is Australian (this was her first time in New Zealand) and has also lived in Spain – her rather abstract images are based on landscape. This was a theme in common with Donna-Marie’s art – the works on display are three very time-consuming spiral drawings and several photographs. She also does sculpture. Her work is drawn from her Master of Fine Arts (Canterbury) for which she looked at an unsuccessful oil field around Lake Brunner in the South Island. Oil still bubbles up and several bore holes still exist from this late 19th century oil field. She is a finalist in this year’s Parkin drawing prize and was a merit award winner last year. The exhibition is on until 3 August.

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Vivienne Morrell
Member, Friends of Te Papa

Feature image: (From L to R) Pamela Jefferies, Danielle Creenaune, Donna-Marie Patterson and Kathleen Moffitt. Photo by J. Wellings.