A Chatham Islands excursion

A Chatham Islands excursion

For the last 10 years this excursion to the Chatham Islands has been offered to, and enjoyed by, Friends of Te Papa. It is a must do, if you have not yet done it!

This year two trips are on offer, both led by Te Papa geologist Hamish Campbell and scientist and mezzotint artist Chris Adam.

Touring with Hamish and Chris is a rare opportunity to visit the Chathams in a safe and convivial context. The plan is to visit Chatham and Pitt Island, sea and air conditions permitting. Think of it this way: each trip involves four full one-day field trips exploring all corners of the Chathams by bus and by foot. All are welcome…subject to the usual self-fitness test: can you cross a wire fence in less than 20 seconds?!

Capped at 20 people each, the trips are all-embracing in terms of experiencing the Chathams. They are about much more than natural science.   You will explore Chatham Islands history, culture and cuisine.  (NB They are not about fishing or hunting…)

“I can personally recommend it.  I went in 2007, and most of all I remember the fun we had.”  Elizabeth Ridder

The dates are as follows:
Trip 1: Wednesday 27 August to Monday 1 September
Trip 2: Wednesday 3 September to Monday 8 September

Only $3,150 per person (all inclusive from Wellington, except alcohol)
Air travel ex-Wellington: with Air Chathams (Convair 580 aircraft)
Accommodation: Hotel Chatham, Waitangi, Chatham Island

For further details, please contact Hamish Campbell at:
[email protected]
Ph: 027 221 8817