Michael Houlihan: Te Papa North

Michael Houlihan: Te Papa North

Friends may have read the recent media coverage of a proposed partnership between Te Papa and central government to develop a national cultural centre for collections in South Auckland. The project would involve Te Papa and the government working along with the Auckland Council, Auckland War Memorial Museum and Regional Facilities Auckland / Auckland Art Gallery.  You can read the New Zealand Government’s media release outlining the concept here, and Michael Houlihan’s letter to stakeholders here.

A fully detailed and specified Business Case is being developed by Te Papa in conjunction with the Ministry of Culture and Heritage, and with support from Treasury officials and external financial consultants, for presentation to Government, probably in November.

Michael Houlihan’s letter to us says that … ” You can be assured that as part of this proposal we will be consulting with key stakeholders on the criteria for moving the collections; and we will be consulting on the application of those criteria to the collections. We will develop a plan to consult with stakeholders over the coming months. This is likely to have several layers or phases, as the project planning takes shape. Different stakeholders will be consulted at different times, and on the aspects that are relevant to them.”

We’ll keep you informed of the process and and how you can participate.  In the meantime our Friend’s Forum email address can be used for any immediate comments you wish to submit to us.