Update on the exclusive Friends tour to Egypt

Update on the exclusive Friends tour to Egypt

Interest in travelling to Egypt is certainly steadily increasing again so the Friends are very fortunate to be getting in early. For those joining us on our exciting tour to Egypt next year, now is the time to book your travel arrangements with early bird airfares on offer.

View from Mena House hotel

Innovative Travel only arrange the tours, so those who are going on the Jordan option need to ensure they have booked flights from Cairo to Amman through their agent, or contact Petra van Otte at House of Travel on Hunter [email protected]  or phone 04 499 4699. Petra is handling the travel arrangements for many of the Wellington group and is well aware of our needs around insurance and coordinating air travel.

Tourism is very important to Egypt and its economic future. Travellers returning from Egypt report that they felt totally safe and secure whilst visiting and exploring the antiquities of the ancient Egyptian civilisation. The NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade has recently downgraded its travel advisory for Egypt, so travel insurance is easy to obtain.

Robyn of Innovative Travel is just back and reports that tourism is on the increase in both Egypt and Jordan. If you have ever dreamed of sailing down the Nile or sitting in a traditional Bedouin tent watching a spectacular sunset over the Petra mountains, this is your opportunity. Robyn says all the hotels are in amazing locations and the traditional Jordanian cooking experience is not to be missed!

Egypt and Jordan are such fascinating and exciting countries to visit, home to some of the most amazing attractions in the world. Now is a great time to go before the tourism crowds return in full.

If you are interested in joining the Friends exclusive tour to Egypt in September 2019, get in touch with Petra or your agent quickly, as there are just two places left on tour one, and very few left on tour two.