Easy way to pay for events

Easy way to pay for events

Did you know you can now book and pay for Friends’ events using internet banking, as well as paying by credit card?

After filling in your details on the online booking form, select ‘Pay Now’ and then choose ‘POLi Internet Banking’ from the options at the top of the screen. You will then be linked to your familiar internet banking screen. It is secure, and because it is linked to the event booking, there’s no risk of money going to the wrong account.

The Friends’ office will be immediately notified of your booking and payment, and you will receive an email to confirm the payment has been made. This enables us to keep track of your payments easily, and, unlike using a credit card, does not attract additional fees which is a direct saving of the Friends’ processing costs.

Remember that in working hours, we are always pleased to be able to help you over the phone.