Art – up close in Seatoun

Art – up close in Seatoun

A small group is perfect for a visit to artist’s studios and dealer galleries. There’s a chance to get close to the works, engage with the artists and dealers and also get to know other people in the group. It is this intimacy that is the key to the success of the Friends of Te Papa’s current series of visits to local artists and galleries in the wider Wellington region.

A recent visit to two artists’ studios in Seatoun is a good example. Thirteen members assembled at Lynne Sandri’s studio and heard her describe the planning and execution of her art work which she likened to a writer creating a journal of words and images. She is continually adding to her vast collection of cuttings and photographs, recording thoughts and images while also experimenting with new media and methods. Lynne shared examples with the group and also demonstrated some of her painting techniques, before leading a tour of her art and object filled home, where she shared the personal stories behind her work.

It was only a short stroll to Bruce Luxford’s gallery and studio where he conversed with the group about the political messages in his work, in particular the impact of mankind on the environment. The dry wit which underpins the striking imagery in his paintings was evident in Bruce’s clever responses to questions about the exploitation of natural resources, industrial dairy farming and Wellington cycle ways.

Feature image: Lynne Sandri and Friends visiting her studio in Seatoun