Volunteer Photographer/Videographer Role Description

Volunteer Photographer/Videographer Role Description

Volunteer Registration Form – please download, complete and email to [email protected] along with some examples of your work, having read the below role decsription. The closing date is Friday 24 January.

Background Information

The mission of The Friends of the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa is to support and
promote the interests, objectives and activities of Te Papa.

The Friends of Te Papa endeavour to achieve this by:

  • delivering a varied and stimulating programme for members
  • nurturing and growing a strong membership
  • building a sense of pride in the Friends’ community, and
  • Maintaining a high profile and continuing to thrive in Te Papa’s changing environment.

Purpose of the Role

With The Friends of Te Papa office:

  • To create high quality and visually impactful images and videos for the Friends of Te Papa to use commercially.
  • To enhance visual communications with Friends of Te Papa audiences.


  • The photographer permits the Friends of Te Papa to retain exclusive use of all images and video taken for any and all purposes the Friends of Te Papa wishes to use them for. The photographer retains copyright of the images and is permitted to use the images in portfolios and for personal, non-commercial use.
  • Should the photographer wish to use any of the images or videos taken they will seek permission from the Friends of Te Papa before proceeding.
  • The photographer will respect the privacy and rights of Friends of Te Papa members in the creation, editing and production of all images and video.
  • The photographer or film maker cannot reuse their photographs or film taken within Te Papa’s galleries for non-personal, commercial uses without further consent from Te Papa.
  • Photographers using images depicting Te Papa’s collections, borrowed works, taonga works, and locations for their own use other than personal and non-commercial uses is not permitted.
  • No photography signage must be respected.
  • The photographer will respect commercially sensitive information when working with the Friends of Te Papa and any Te Papa teams. They will not disclose any information that is deemed confidential or commercial sensitive.

Results Required

Working with the office to ensure that:

  • Image and video content works to showcase the benefits of membership through digital channels and in Te Papa
  • Events are well documented and shown to a high quality

Key Tasks

Working with the office:

  • Attend Friends events to document via photography and videography. This includes candid imagery, group shots, actions shots and the event itself
  • Capture the diversity of the Friends community
  • Capture activities and achievements of Te Papa and its staff
  • Edit to a high standard the imagery and videos captured to allow immediate use by the office
  • Provide digital access to all necessary files, discuss this process with the office
  • Liaise with Te Papa digital team to create promotional material for Friends as required

Functional Relationships

  • The Manager of The Friends of Te Papa has overall responsibility for the implementation of The Friends’ programme and communications.
  • The Photographer/Videographer Volunteer will liaise and coordinate with the Manager of The Friends of Te Papa.
  • Opportunity to develop and establish professional outreach relationships with other Friends of Te Papa volunteer photographer/videographers, Te Papa’s digital team and the Communications sub-committee.

Attributes and Skills Required

  • Enthusiasm for and curiosity in the work of Te Papa
  • Strong event and portrait photography expertise with proven track record
  • Knowledge and experience of event videography
  • Good interpersonal skills and confidence in new environments
  • Editing capabilities and own software
  • Eye for detail
  • Ability to work within given timeframes
  • Knowledge of what best suits the purpose for which the imagery is intended e.g. for social, advertising, website
  • Personal or ready /easy access to high quality imaging equipment (compact cameras are not appropriate)


  • Support from the office and peer volunteers who have photographic skills and/or experience
  • Reimbursement of any agreed out-of-pocket expenses
  • Access to additional expertise from both within the Friends’ organisation and from other relevant sources e.g. Te Papa’s digital team


For the photographer/videographer volunteer:

  • Te Papa
  • Their home and office
  • Occasional regional day trips

Time Commitment

  • This role requires an ongoing commitment
  • Per month: attendance at least one event, editing time of those images/videos.
  • Special promotional projects will require more time and will be discussed on a case-by-case
  • Images are due to the office within two days of being shot/taken. Videos are due to the office within two weeks of the filming.
  • Occasional informal peer support meetings


  • Sense of satisfaction from contributing to a reputable and professional organisation
    with demonstrable success in promoting and supporting Te Papa
  • Professional recognition on all imagery and videos publicized through the Friends of Te Papa and Te Papa’s physical and digital channels
  • Sense of satisfaction in helping to provide well-considered, interesting and useful visual communications to our target audiences and in the museum
  • Working with fellow professional image makers with common interests
  • Opportunity to further develop photographic skills, and to guide others
  • Opportunities to socialize with fellow members of The Friends.