Workshop: Augmented Reality Sandbox

Te Papa. Meet at the Information Desk on Level 2 55 Cable Street, Wellington

Get hands on to make mountains, rain, lakes, lahars, tsunami - like sandcastles but better!


Talk: Lord Rutherford, Russian Physics and the Human Element

Icon, Level 2, Te Papa Cable Street, Wellington

Lord Rutherford is almost a household name in New Zealand. This talk will present one of the world’s greatest scientists and most outstanding New Zealanders, “the founder of nuclear physics", through Russian eyes.

$25.00 – $30.00

Sponge City: A guided walk in Waitangi Park

Waitangi Park 107 Cable Street, Wellington, New Zealand

On 15 May, join Nicole Thompson of Wraight and Associates Landscape Architects and John Hardwick-Smith of Athfield Architects for a guided walk around Waitangi Park, next door to Te Papa. We will explore the unique features of the Park that have contributed to its award-winning status.


Talk: Filling the Gap: 5 Years of Shorebird Surveys in North Korea

Te Huinga Centre, Level 3, Te Papa 55 Cable Street, Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand

Join author and New Zealand Order of Merit recipient Keith Woodley as we hear about the work of Pūkorokoro Miranda Naturalists’ Trust conducting five years of shorebird surveys in reclusive North Korea, and the discovery of internationally important sites for shorebirds.  Each year thousands of shorebirds migrate between New Zealand and breeding grounds in Alaska and Siberia. The best known of these are bar-tailed godwits that make the longest non-stop flights of any land bird. Storing fat before they depart our shores in March, they then take a nonstop flight to tidal flats in the Yellow Sea region of China and Korea, where they stage for several weeks replenishing fuel reserves, before resuming the journey to the Alaskan tundra.

$25.00 – $30.00

Day Trip: Geological Highlights of Wellington with Hamish Campbell

***SOLD OUT***Following on from his recent sell-out talk, geologist, paleontologist and Emeritus Scientist Hamish Campbell returns with a unique opportunity to join him for a guided day trip of Wellington's significant geological sites, drawing on his expert local knowledge for our commentary.  Participants will be transported by bus, please see the itinerary curated for Friends […]


Curator’s talk: How to be a Deep-Sea Fish: Tips for Success in the Deep

Te Papa Tory Street 169 Tory Street, Wellington

**Sold Out**The way deep-sea animals are presented in the media, you would think they are trying to look horrible and scary just to upset us, but there are excellent evolutionary reasons for all the strange things about them. Once you get past all the media hype of monsters or alien-like appearances, life in the deep […]

$25.00 – $30.00

Research Vignettes from the Natural History Team

Te Taiao | Nature Te Papa, 55 Cable Street, Te Aro, Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand

Te Papa's Natural History Team are at the forefront of New Zealand's science research - producing some 40 to 50 published research papers annually!  Join us for a unique opportunity to hear some of their latest research findings while seated in the Te Taiao | Nature exhibiton space on Level Two.  We will hear from four experts, covering a range of topics, before taking a guided look at the recently refreshed Science display in Te Taio. Following the talk, you are warmly invited to mingle with a glass of wine, get to know our Natural History Curators and ask any burning questions you may have.

$25.00 – $30.00

Friends Preview: Dinosaurs of Patagonia

Amokura Gallery, L4, Te Papa Te Papa, 55 Cable Street, Te Aro, Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand

***All tickets allocated***See it first and see it free! Be the first to see Ngā Taniwha o Rūpapa | Dinosaurs of Patagonia presented by the Museo Paleontológico Egidio Feruglio in Argentina. This exclusive preview is available to Friends of Te Papa members on Friday 15 December, while the exhibition will open to the public on […]