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20359Bee Dawson01/12/2018Approved

My understanding is that as I am joining in December, this will cover my membership for 16 months, until March 2020

20360Hannah Mitchell-Shapiro01/12/2018Approved
20361Nemierose Cruz-Gonong01/12/2018Approved
20362Esme Bombal01/12/2018Approved

Whitireia student current ID 21802530

20363Phoebe Zhang01/12/2018Approved
20364Alison Laurie02/12/2018Approved
20365Jan Milne02/12/2018Approved
20366Evelyn Moller03/12/2018Approved
20367Judy Montgomery04/12/2018Approved
20368Jane Kitchenman05/12/2018Approved
20369Sally Ross05/12/2018Approved
20370Katrina Robinson-Reidy05/12/2018Approved
20371Bill Sutton06/12/2018Approved
20372Laura Cranston07/12/2018Approved

Happy Christmas to the Cranston/Weatherstons

20373Johanna Baas-Kogelman07/12/2018Approved
20374Vicki McKay08/12/2018Approved

Massey University
Student Number 99624264

20375Cathy Agnew08/12/2018Approved

Iain’s email address is the same as mine as I’m buying this as part of a present for him.

20376Lauren Dalmon08/12/2018Approved
20377Leslie Lewis08/12/2018Approved
20378Rachael Hunt08/12/2018Approved
 Mem # Name Entry Date Payment Source Comment