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 Mem # Name Entry Date Payment Source Comment
20400Dana Mitchell12/12/2018Processing
20401Rory Wilsher12/12/2018Approved
20402Elizabeth Marschall12/12/2018ApprovedSocial media
20403Sandra Tisam13/12/2018ApprovedSocial media
20404Sarah Gardenier13/12/2018FailedSocial media
20405Sarah Gardenier13/12/2018ProcessingSocial media
20406Sarah Gardenier13/12/2018ApprovedSocial media
20407Sinead Craig13/12/2018ApprovedTe Papa museum

Thanks 🙂

20408Chris Brown13/12/2018ApprovedI was a member previously

I was a member previously when I was living in Mount Victoria. I moved to a residential facility for disabled people in April 2017.

20409Hinehou Mita13/12/2018ApprovedSocial media
20410Bob Davidow14/12/2018FailedWord of mouth
20411Bob Davidow14/12/2018Approvedour daughter
20412FRIEND OF Emily Davidow14/12/2018ApprovedLongtime member
20413Julia Maclean14/12/2018ApprovedWord of mouth
20414Matthew Campbell14/12/2018ApprovedSocial media
20415Christine Gibb16/12/2018ApprovedTe Papa museum
20416Tomina Apiti16/12/2018ProcessingSocial media
20417Robert Ludbrook17/12/2018ApprovedWord of mouth
20418Glenys Lockett17/12/2018ApprovedWord of mouth
20419Helen Thomas18/12/2018ApprovedLocal news or event site
 Mem # Name Entry Date Payment Source Comment