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20379Eric Fairbairn09/12/2018Approved
20380Vera Milovanovich09/12/2018Approved
20381Jayne Green10/12/2018Approved
20382Jennifer Rankin10/12/2018Approved
20383Bronte Morris10/12/2018Approved
20384Jackson Enright10/12/2018Approved
20385Louisa Kelly10/12/2018Approved
20386Wayne Affat10/12/2018Approved
20387John Thomason10/12/2018Approved
20388Anna-Lisa Parsons10/12/2018Approved
20390Vida McDonald10/12/2018Approved
20391John Thomason10/12/2018Approved
20392Kate Thomason10/12/2018Approved
20393Naomi Shephard10/12/2018Approved
20394Ian Laurie11/12/2018Approved

My elderly brother Ian Laurie lives in Melbourne, Australia. He visits me here in Wellington regularly. Thus I am using my mailing address here in Wellington for him as the most useful. I am a Friend of Te Papa.

20395Tui Bennett11/12/2018Approved
20396Gillian Cameron11/12/2018Approved
20397Marina Pouesi11/12/2018Approved
20398Lauren Burr12/12/2018Approved
20399Anne Lee12/12/2018Approved
 Mem # Name Entry Date Payment Source Comment