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20460Anthony Pratt05/02/2019ApprovedWord of mouth
20459Pauline Prendergast04/02/2019ApprovedWord of mouth
20458Eustie Kamath04/02/2019ApprovedTe Papa website
20457Heather Sharpes30/01/2019ApprovedWord of mouth
20456Mary-Jane Rivers28/01/2019ApprovedWord of mouth
20455Elizabeth Fisher28/01/2019ApprovedWord of mouth
20454Elizabeth Fisher28/01/2019ProcessingWord of mouth
20453Joanne Orchard28/01/2019ApprovedPreviously been a member
20452Eniko Palotai28/01/2019ApprovedWord of mouth

Thank you 🙂

20451Patricia Farrow27/01/2019ApprovedWord of mouth
20450Kathryn Hayman26/01/2019ApprovedTe Papa website
20449Thelma yarrall20/01/2019ApprovedI was given membership in 2014
20448Sirma Karapeeva18/01/2019ApprovedTe Papa museum
20447Joan Hinton17/01/2019ApprovedWord of mouth
20446Tessa Christmas16/01/2019ApprovedTe Papa museum
20445Fiona Kirkwood16/01/2019ApprovedWord of mouth
20444Heather Carew15/01/2019ApprovedWord of mouth
20443Isabelle Collins11/01/2019ApprovedTe Papa website
20442TRACILEE IRVING10/01/2019ApprovedWas a member a few years ago
20441Ashim GC09/01/2019ApprovedWord of mouth
 Mem # Name Entry Date Payment Source Comment